Everyone has seen the search listings and ads. I’m sure you’ve gotten emails about it to. They start out Let us get you a #1 ranking or SEO specialist. How about the ones like Wanna buy traffic, or targeted traffic. 10K hits for $99.

If your traffic is so fantastic, why sell it, convert it yourself.

I have 18 years experience in this, let me tell you RUN from anyone who tells you they can get you a #1 listing, claims to be a SEO specialist or wants to sell you website traffic.

#1 Google SEO Rankings

Getting you a #1 ranking. This is what all the SEO specialist say. You see their sites pop up all over then internet, in search listings and ads. Another not true statement. They can’t, they won’t and before you find out it does not work your out a year of monthly fees.

Internet Traffic Sellers

If your traffic is so fantastic, why sell it, convert it yourself. That’s the question you should ask yourself when any online traffic seller tells you they will sell you their traffic. Why the fuck would anyone who has such valuable traffic sell it. Think it thru. If i have traffic that will make me $5 a click sending it directly to an affiliate program network, why would i sell it to you for a fraction of the cost. Does not make sense. It is all bots and pop under traffic. Sure you will see clicks in your analytics report, but they are not real.

Do you know what some #1 rankings are worth. For example the sites with # 1 rankings for terms such as online casinos, Viagra and dating sites are worth $5+ million in sales a month. Ask yourself this question? Why would they, for $500 or $1000 or even $10,000 a month get you a #1 ranking. Shouldn’t it be easy enough for them to throw up their own site and get themselves a #1 ranking?

Let me make this loud and clear. IT IS ALL BULLSHIT. Seo specialists, traffic sellers, low quality articles, cheap links, none of this makes your sites any better. Instead of giving any of these people money here is a list of what you should do instead.

Great SEO Content

Write or purchase as much content as you can for your site. Make sure it is high quality, proper grammar and correct info. There are many places to hire quality writers, but here’s a tip on where I find my favorites. Check out your local colleges websites, they sometimes have a forum, or job board listing. You can get some great writing majors, looking to earn some extra money for school. They do the research and write for you. Even better if you can find someone passionate on the subject of your website.

Guest Posting

I love offering to post guest posts on my website. Trick is don’t just accept any of them. Be sure to read the post first, check it against copyscape, and be sure the info contained is correct. Give the guest author 1 link in the article. A link for a high quality article is not a high price. Remember a high quality article will draw users to your site.

Acquiring Links

When you know how links are not hard to get. Every website owner looking for rankings goes crazy over links. Want some tips for the best ones, here are a few of my favorite.

Social Media Links

On Social Media Links put your website links in your bio. You can also tweet out links to your site, make some Facebook posts, use Pintrest to tag some images from your website.

Forum Signature Links

Forum Signatures are easy to acquire. Everyone is a member of a few forums, if not just go become a member of a few that interest you.

Donations Links

Donations Links are by far the easiest and cheapest form of links. look around you see people online asking for donations daily. You’ve probably run across 20 gofundme posts today, maybe one from the local animal shelter and a few political requests. The minimum for these is usually as low as $5. Now here’s the part, put your website name instead of your name or in the message.

Scholarships links

I one time submitted a cheap $100 scholarship to a state scholarship listing website. It was for people interested in taking a game design degree. The scholarship was named after one of my websites, which had nothing to do with game design. It was picked up by every scholarship listing site in the USA. Got about 400 .edu links from it. Score.

Well that’s some of what i learned after 20 years in the business. Remember we are never going to try to sell you anything, will never promise anything and will not claim to be able to get you a #1 ranking.